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One submission, three poems.

Page 2. Museum. 20/10/17

Page 4. Re-Visit. 26/09/18

Page 7. Poamics.

N.B: Poamics, is the study of material through poetry and ceramics.

This triplet of poems, is in sequence, depicting development of creative practice in my Ceramics masters. Verses, written as part of my developing Ceramics practice.

Museum. 20:10:17

Anthropocene Mausoleum,

ships soul away.

Burnt and sunken.


barriers reefs.

Trade seas, as captain table.

Castles and beasts,

exploiting ageless.

Human zoos,



Carved in stone,

blended by hand.

Fossilised, past times,


engendered trans-vessels,

migrating melodies.

Re-Visit. 26/09/19

Relative year, inhaling craft,

an ocean, I floated in,

Is now material air.

White houses of kaolin,

Supersede spells.

The schooner,

In full flight.

Across the basin,

Blue and white.

Clipper journeyman.

Shanghai to Rotterdam,

Northern sea,

page less mysteries.

Of pregnant sails,

on event horizons.

Memory and matter,

Primal Celestial Dance.

Learned fingers,

More than mind.

society maypole,


digital delight.

Performance language.

Emotive connections.

And to how,

this is more,

life to me.


Engaging, multiverse.

In a living linguistic craft,

co-dependant, co-production,

shard in luminescence.

Waves chimes and lap dynasties,

Modulating, resonating, somatic.

considering material poiesis.

Immersion floats in landscape,

Tethered wholeness of romance.

Metaphor orbiting being,

solar fluxing, intuitive chance.

Quantum mirrors in reflections,

meditate crystalline, focus.

Vitality of soul.

In process, jibing patience,

On a horizon of broiling seas.

A potter dharma wheel,

coils deep time with stardust,

to sensory insight.

Entangled elemental, agencies,

of object becoming.

Oozingdialectic clay.

Frontiers of emergence,

Layers of haptic inheritance.

Waiting, waking discoveries,

Shrinking, phantom background.

Mediacy, aesthetic spirits,

voice of hybrid vessel.

Live threads, weave narrative,

Shuttles, in the cognition web.

Memories guild sublimely,

in mesh-worked, affirmations,

loops of fertile interface.

Humanityunbrackets revolution.

Krafting equality.

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