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Poamics – The Study of Material Through Poetry and Ceramics.

I was one of 12 selected for the 2019 Cardiff Met Anthology of student writing Each edition contains a striking combination of poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction where students demonstrate their formidable skills as literary artists and storytellers.

I heard about Cardiff Met ‘Anthologies’ a couple of years ago. I’ve always seen the beauty and force of words, maybe its my dyslexic mind and seeing words as images that make up an extraordinary picture. I thought that poetry was just something I did for myself but studying philosophy with Professor Clive Cazeaux has enabled me to explore its extraordinary nature.

Words are enchantment, mystery, magic, they fill the void and ignite the imagination. A single word, positioned and polished can charge the air, change minds and colour the grey space between hope and despair. We all reach out to commune from the pale of our skulls, stroking our existence in a dance of inner and external embrace. Washed by the kissing sun, bleached by vocal winds, soothed by the lap of the salty brine as it fills nostrils of echoing shells.

My work is an interface between word and form, of haptic words that carve the air, made of the earth, the soil, the rich material of our beginnings. I see words as physical forms, a rhythm of kinds, a poem.

I work as a potter on the dhamma wheel, capturing these illusive, transient treads. I explore metaphor, movement and material seeing the bowl as much as a word, as a container of nutrients, as a nebula of society. I see the movement of the wheel as the rotation of days, orbits of lifetimes.

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