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Poetry and Clay, Craft Council Wales

20 May 2019

Hay Clay, Craft Council. Poetry and Clay.

In testing the rigour of poeamics, outside the studio, I volunteered to Craft Council Poetry and Clay event. As a group of 20 participants, we explored the equivalences between cay and poetry.

The process of reading, group reflection and performance in clay interpretations, of three types of poems: a haiku, a couplet and a broken sonnet, created sensual hooks where share memories of knowledge could reside.

I responded to the haiku in the first group performance, I crated a conversation in the structuring of thrown vessel and assembled quickly. Interoperating a 17 syllableshaiku in clay and performance. With this focused group I tested poeamics adaptability to graft onto performance and education.

With a unscripted collaboration between Elin Hughs and myself, we performed a Poeamics piece. In taking polar positions, Elin was life/love and I was loss/ regret.

True to the broken sonnet, I would build castles of regret to wallow in and life/love would come along and tumble, crash those walls, and evidentiality bleach away the chaos of grief. With direct feedback.

This was successful application of my research.,. Poeamics showed adaptability and fluidity in transference of knowledge and conversation engagement.

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